Pics from LA   
11:28pm 23/05/2004
let_jesus and szandora with some dude.. I think from Star Wars..

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10:28am 12/07/2003
My brother, JJ.
Pictures.. Pictures.. and more pictures..   
01:22pm 21/06/2003
mood: awake

My brother, JJ...

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Just two pics from my trip so far...   
02:32am 13/06/2003
My brother JJ, and myself.

My friend Lei (wearing my glasses), and myself.
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11:20am 20/05/2003
  I know, I said I wasn't going to update this until I got back from Louisana/Georgia, but I was bored this morning.. So here is one pic.

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09:07am 17/05/2003
  This journal will be updated on a regular basis when I get back from Lousiana/Georgia.

Stay tuned...
09:48pm 05/05/2003
  These pics are from the other week. C9.

This one if for you, Szandora.   
10:38am 30/04/2003
mood: bored

S&M is better than M&M's..
Some pics of myself   
07:08pm 28/04/2003
mood: bored

03:39pm 28/04/2003
  I am going to use this journal to post pictures. Pictures I take, like, and are part of. Get ready here they come....  
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